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Welcome to PIT KING BBQ

Guaranteed To Eat Like A King

Recently featured on "Food Truck Face Off" on the Cooking Channel with Chef Eddie Jackson, a Rosehill Beer Garden food truck challenge.

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King of the Smoke


Pit King BBQ reigns over the mass amount of BBQ trucks in Texas, serving up BBQ of kingly stature. You don't claim the title of pit king for no reason. No, Pit King BBQ earned its status, serving up the best in low and slow smoked meats over a pit that Houston has ever seen. We know, that's a pretty big claim to make. But judging from their big menu filled with bigger portion sizes to fulfill even the biggest appetites, they're aiming for bigtime satisfaction in a big way. Each savory meat, from tender beef brisket and fall off the bone ribs to mouthwatering chicken, sausage, and boudin is cooked to perfection, put through the fire to retain that smoky aroma and taste. Everything on the menu is put through the proverbial fire, including hand crafted sides using only the freshest quality ingredients to premium cuts of meat slathered in homemade BBQ sauce. So what are you waiting for? Tracking down Pit King BBQ should be easy. Just follow the trail of smoke this food truck leaves in its wake, and see if you don't start drooling. It's a precursor to a meal that'll fill you up, and stays true to that old Texas standard: everything is bigger and better here. And that's just the stuff you're getting at Pit King BBQ.

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